Tuesday Weekly Wrap Up on Wednesday ;)

I am fully aware that I said Tuesday for my weekly crochet check in but I’m sure we all can understand how laundry, rowdy dogs, and TV can get in the way. Anyway, I have been working on a new project as well as another long term blanket and I finally have picture of the Navajo blanket I’ve been working on. On to the pictures!

Here is the Navajo blanket my mom is waiting for and probably will be for a few more months. Her birthday is around Christmas so it will most likely be a gift. There is a link to the pattern on the Finally Blogging post. I am using a Crochet Lite J 6.0 mm hook and Red Heart with Love in Peacock, Pewter, and Boysenberry.


Next is the long term project that I finally started sewing together. Every once in a while I’ll update you guys on the progress but it probably won’t be too exciting. It’s just a basic 2 round granny square made from all my scraps (mostly RH Super Saver) using an I 5.5 mm hook. I’m trying to sew in my ends as I go because we all know that’s the worst part of a project.


Finally is my new addition started browsing crochet shawl patterns after looking at all the beautiful knit ones I’d seen. So I went on to YouTube and found this tutorial by Bobwilson123 and followed along. The pattern she uses is initially from here. I’m almost done with the first ball then on to the second. I am using a J 6.0 mm hook and what I think is the same yarn that is suggest, Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Winery colorway however I’m not positive because I got the yarn on the De-stash I talked about and it had no ball band.

PS. I hope you love my orange sheets, it’s my husbands favorite color. They’re IKEA if you’re curious. Talk to you all soon. Leave a comment!



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