Tuesday’s Weekly Wrap Up on Tuesday?!

Yes everyone that’s right, I got my progress report up on the actual day it’s due. My little Violet was picked up early this morning so now I have a little more time to get things done today. Not that I’ve done a significant amount of crafting this week but still. We did try a rock candy experiment. So far that hasn’t done anything exciting but I’ll keep you all in the loop. I hope everyone had a fun, safe 4th of July, Vi and I spent it with my family at the bay and it was so much fun. Hubby had to work. 😦

Now on to what we all really want to know about. The yarny stuff.

I’m going to start with an FO today because I’m sure you’ll notice it missing from the WIPS category. I finished my Coraline in the Wine Country Shawl by Simply Collectible which I heard about from Bobwilson123. I am so happy with this and I definitely have to get more of this Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, it’s so soft, a little fuzzy but still very soft. For my shawl I used the Winery color way, used all but maybe two yards and a J 6.0mm hook. The only thing I did differently was instead of playing yarn chicken, at the end of my last row I chained one and HDC along the long end. I think it looks nice and gives it a more finished look because the edges alternate Ch 5 and DC. I would definitely make this pattern again and I would recommend it to a beginner crocheter.


So this weeks active WIPS section only includes two items.

My mom’s Navajo blanket did get a little love, about 4 rows. They go by quickly but it just doesn’t hold my attention for very long and I have to count sometimes when I’m doing the pattern. I know I’m going to love it when it’s done but it’s really been a slog to get through. I’ve linked you to the Ravelry page for the base pattern. I’m still using RH with Love in Peacock, Pewter, Boysenberry and a J 6.0mm Crochet Lite hook.


My other WIP is my little knitting project I’ve been practicing on. I’m not going to show you a picture because that would be boring. Just a few more inches of plain stockinette (because that’s all I can successfully do). I still have a small amount of the yarn left so hopefully that will be done by next week. Let’s all cross our fingers that I’ll see you on Tuesday again.

Also, we made puppets (Elsa and a shark). How do you not adore this cute face.Please excuse our messy room.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Weekly Wrap Up on Tuesday?!

  1. I’ve been searching for something like this for a very long time and could never find one for free! So glad I found this! Thanks so much for sharing


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